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Research and production reviewed journal "Drug Development & Registration" is actual free applied edition and informational portal for the pharmaceutical experts.

Companies and their employees from production, development, research, quality control and registration departments; staff of the laboratories, contract research organizations, scientific and educational centers and universities are our target audience. Now the journal has more than 35 000 subscribers. Publications are distributed at all key pharmaceutical, chemical and technological actions (seminars, conferences and exhibitions). The journal is read and discussed in all cities of Russia. There are residents in Russia, CIS and Europe among subscribers of journal.

Five main subject parts of the journal "Drug Development & Registration" include drug development cycle from its synthesis till getting drug registration certificate. The first part is devoted to pharmaceutical technology and surveys the scientific and practical issues from extraction and production of pharmaceutical substances, technologies and equipment to standard medical products manufacture; relevant aspects of the biotechnology introduction in the development and production of highly effective drugs are consolidated in the second section; the subject of the third part is the study of analytical procedure of quality control; the fourth - examines approaches to the drug quality and safety evaluation and the fifth part describes questions regarding validation of methods, preparing registration data and drug life cycle in GxP environment.

Since 2017 in addition to the printed version of the journal launched informational and analytical portal. There is daily published the latest information on Good Laboratory Practice in the drug development and registration. Summary of major events for the week coming to all stakeholders in a weekly digest. 

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